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Fluidized Sand Bed

Choosing the Right Dinamec Systems Fluidized Bed for Your Application

A range of standard Dinamec Systems Fluid Clean machine configurations is available to comply with your particular cleaning needs. Our experienced engineering department, combined with a flexible production department allows us to offer custom-made installations for special projects.

Danamec Systems
All dimensions are in inches. Please note that the capacity of our machines are not exclusively determined by the bed volume. Also to be considered are the type and amount of organics removed and the amount of metal to be processed.

PLC based control system with 10" color touch screen Operator Interface

Features Include:

  • Main operator screen - Used to set cycle time, enter temperature set points, Graphically show machine operation, show text based messaging for machine operation and alarm conditions, access other system screens.
  • Alarm condition history with date and time stamp.
  • PLC input and output status screens - Used to indicate the PLC I/O description, status and on/off state or value.
  • Manual override screen - Used to force the various valves on and off for trouble shooting purposes.
  • Graphs of bed and exhaust temperatures.
  • System configuration screens.
  • Password protected loaded shutdown reset screen.
  • Resettable and non resettable run time meters.
  • Complete set of Electrical drawings.
  • Additional screens include:
    • Main Menu
    • System Information
    • Modify Set Point
    • Manual Override Help


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