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Slocum Equipment offers innovative, state of the art, energy efficient powder coating systems. From the smallest job shop to the largest manufacturer, Slocum has you covered with over 20 years of first hand design-build experience.

We offer true turnkey service overseeing the fabrication, installation and commissioning of every system we sell. Call us today for a free consultation and let us show you what the meaning of the word service is.

System Build

Powder Coating Booths
Rohner Powder Coating Booth

Process Powder Booths

In-Line Process Powder Coating Spray Booths Brochure Rohner In-Line Process (Conveyorized) Powder Spray Booths are designed with optimal airflow for powder containment and application efficiency, and are the perfect solution for bringing the advantages of spray-to-waste/reclaim cartridge collector efficiency to your coating process. Our standard powder spray booths control air uniformly through all the booth openings, exhausting air and collecting excess powder through the two-stage filters of the collector modules. Rohner In-Line Process Powder Spray Booths can be designed for automatic or manual gun usage, and they provide a superior application process as the conveyor slot allows for your racked parts to move through the spray area via conveyor rail.

Some of the standard features provided in Rohner powder spray booths include:

  • Premium 18 gauge G90 galvanized steel, recommended powder coated white
  • Polycarbonate ceiling panels with conveyor slots
  • No nut or bolt heads for a smooth interior surface for easy cleaning
  • Expandable sections for future growth of spray area
  • Quiet blower with TEFC direct drive motor run by VFD
  • Automatic back pulse cleaning
  • High-efficiency, T-8 fluorescent Class I Div. II lighting
  • Horizontal airflow with adjustable velocity

Pre-wired, NEMA 12 dust-tight industrial control panel reduces install cost and includes panel-mounted variable volume adjustment for optimizing airflow and transfer efficiency. Automatic back pulse cleaning of our powder booths ensures consistent airflow and extends filter life, and our automatic clogged-filter shutdown ensures a safe environment. Rohner In-Line Process Powder Spray Booths are designed to meet or exceed NFPA33 and IFC Chapter 24 requirements. Consult your local authority having jurisdiction for additional requirements before purchasing.

Rohner Process Powder Booth
Process Powder Booth  

Deimco Powder Booths

Process Powder Booths

The "New" PLC Controlled Deimco Powder Booth will provides complete in-line spray containment enclosure with primary and secondary air filtration. All MD Series Booths have a PLC in the self-contained electrical panel making automatic gun control affordable for your present and future needs.

The "New" MD Series Booths also include a pneumatic panel and a separate roll away filter cartridge module for captured powder containment.


  • Pre-Engineered Booth
  • Detachable Filter Module
  • Compact Design
  • Shop Tested
  • Advanced Filter Technology
  • Low Air-To-Cloth Ratios
  • 18 Gauge Stainless Steel Canopy and 11 Gauge Seamless Stainless Steel Canopy
Deimco Powder Booth
Deimco Process Powder Booth  

Powder Coating Ovens

Inline Ovens

GAT ovens move higher volumes of air for rapid heat transfer to the product with minimal stratification due to our "Bottom Up" air flow design. The insulating capabilities of extra-heavy No. 18 gauge galvanized steel, combined with our patented air seal design, substantially improves curing efficiencies. All oven components arrive on the job site ready for erection, thus eliminating costly time delays due to field manufacturing of panels, duct work and oven heater assemblies. Cooling tunnels are available for applications that demand quick cooling & curing. Filtered plant or outside air is delivered through a balanced air flow tunnel construction. Oven exit fans exhaust processed air to the outside or back to the plant environment for a modified make-up air design.
Choose from a range of GAT commercial ovens:

• Three Zone Baking
• Combination Dry-off / Cure
• Double Deck Oven
• Side or Bottom Entry Oven
• Roof Mounted Oven
• IR Ovens
• Industrial Curing Ovens
• Combination Convection / Infrared

GAT Ovens

ACE Burn Off Ovens

Burn Off Ovens

Ace Burn Off Oven Slocum Equipment is please to offer the ACE Oven line for you Burn off oven needs. ACE Burn-OFF Ovens efficiently burn off varnish, epoxy, paint, grease, oil, rubber and other combustible materials from metals and are made right here in the USA. The ACE Burn OFF Oven System is the industrial oven of choice by companies worldwide and designed to efficiently remove: varnish epoxy paint grease oil rubber or other combustible materials from metals The ACE Oven System will also de-bond brake shoes and clutch plates. Parts are loaded on a wheel-in cart and heated to 650° - 800° F (340° - 427° C) in an oxygen deficient atmosphere where the combustible hydrocarbons decompose. Parts leave the oven completely dry and ash residue is easily removed.
Powder Coating Ovens - ACE Burn Off Ovens
ACE Hybrid Heating Design
The oven system consists of a radiant tube, which directs the radiant energy upward. The radiant tube is located under the oven cart. It is positioned in the center of the oven and extends from the back wall to oven door. A gas burner fires directly into the length of the Radiant Tube. Convection heat evenly comes out the numerous holes on the left and right side along the entire length of the Radiant Tube. Radiant energy is also evenly emitted along the entire length of the Radiant Tube. The radiant tube is then mounted to the adapter tube.
Powder Coating Ovens - ACE Hybrid Heating Design
The superior heating efficiency of Ace's new Model RT Radiant Tube Burn-off Ovens just begins with a 50% improvement in rapid heat-up and cool-down resulting in shorter cycle times, 20% fuel savings and +/- 10° F heat uniformity. As a ball park figure, solely convection heated ovens only have the ability to generate up to 65% thermal energy efficiency. We offer much more than a solely convection heated oven. Burn-off ovens heated solely by convection, like an incinerator, are subject to serious drawbacks, including a relatively low rate of heat transfer, as well as an inherent requirement for air movement. Solely convection heated ovens result in still further drawbacks attributable to uneven heating. The load is heated non-uniformly, resulting in damaged parts, while uneven heating also produces cold spots in the oven enclosure (generally by the floor near the front door). Some manufacturers require a second thermocouple positioned in the cool spot to assure the parts are uniformly heated, lengthening the heat cycle time, to suit the weight of the load before the end of the heat cycle. Count on ACE’s convection plus radiant energy design to achieve maximum heat transfer without any cold or hot spots and have the ultimate in energy savings break through heat transfer technology ever designed.

Features of the ACE Radiant Tube Burn Off Systems
One Touch Control (OTC), Radiant Tube/Convection Heating Design, Runaway Fire Prevention Primary and Secondary Systems Design, Significant Fuel Economy, High Fire Afterburner, Exhaust Stack Construction, Pressure Relief Door, Wall Construction, Heavy Duty Cart, Optional Ash Removal System.

How ACE Radiant Heat Cleaning Ovens Work The OTC will not turn off the burners until there are no combustible materials remaining on the oven load. When the load is done, the oven is automatically turned off by the OTC. OTC continuously monitors the heat-up rate of the oven chamber. If it heats up too rapidly, indicating excessive combustible vapor, the load is cooled by the water spray system or oven burner goes to low-fire until the heat-up rate is acceptable. The system starts working immediately after the process starts. Thus, controls are automatically set for much faster processing time.

ACE Burn Off Ovens


GAT Industrial Washers

Our polypropylene washer housing and heating system produces 25% to 40% reduction in energy use as compared to a steel washer housing design.

GAT commercial washers are the most dramatic advancement in pretreatment washer design in years; And the energy savings is documented! But energy savings is only one of the many benefits. POLYPRO industrial washers also lower your overall maintenance costs. Polypropylene has a lower coefficient of heat transmission than steel or composite washer housings. GAT's exclusive use of it's high "U" exchanger offers the most efficient burner/exchanger process on the market. The firing rate of the burner components is reduced, thus adding life to your gas train and heat exchanger. Plus, polypropylene will not blister, swell or delaminate as hydroscopic composite materials are prone to do over time. The natural translucence of polypropylene allows ambient light to illuminate the interior of our industrial washer, providing a user friendly environment for both spray pattern observation and maintenance by your line personnel. There's no need for auxiliary lighting.

Standard Features Of Our Commercial Washers:
Stainless steel interior housing supports, conveyor shroud, screens, access doors, sump lids, and pump mounting plate Ten-year guarantee on washer housing against rust and corrosion Tanks, heat exchangers, drain boards and conveyor rails also available in stainless steel SCH 80 CPVC Quick disconnect risers and spray nozzles Vertically mounted pumps Highest heat transfer on the market Centrifugal vent fans for extended bearing life Manifold utility connections

Washer Applications:
Overhead-single or multi-line Belt washers Dip or spray/dip applications drum washers
GAT Washer

GAT Washers


Re-defining ‘clean’ for any industry

DINAMEC and SCHWING offers the solution for all your metal stripping needs. Our solutions safely remove all organic substances from all kinds of metal parts no matter the industry. From paint, powder coating, plastic, polyesters, and rubber, we can remove it. Our machines can be found in a wide variety of industries with over 2,000 installations worldwide. We ensure a clean and healthy stripping alternative to more traditional methods. Our technology offers many benefits from optimal results, no abrasive damage to tools or parts and a high operating capacity with low operating cost.


Decoring and Sand Reclamation, and Heat Treatment

Looking to remove the sand cores from your aluminum castings? This is often a tedious job due to the integrated design and hard organic binders. The Dinamec Systems’ Deco Fluid Bed Installation is the perfect solution for the gentle and smooth decoring of aluminum parts. Traditional methods take long periods of time, cause deformation or damage and have a high operating cost. Our systems offer quick cleaning time, no damage of parts and all at a lower operating cost. We are your decoring solution.

Powder Application
Gema Powder Coat Guns

Gema Manual Powder Coating Guns

Power - Quality - Control

The new generation of OptiFlex Pro manual units impresses with additional application performance due to the outstanding PowerBoost technology. With OptiFlex Pro, you easily process all powder types and coat complex parts in superior quality - all this worldwide and in the most difficult industrial environments.

The First Choice in Manual Powder Coating

The OptiFlex Pro manual units are uncompromisingly and agilely designed for maximum industrial suitability and worldwide use. The intelligent and durable components fit perfectly together and form the powerful package for superior manual powder coating. The ergonomic and intuitive operation enables every user to achieve the best coating results at any time.

Gema Powder Coat Guns

Gema Powder Coat Guns

Gema Automatic Powder Coating Guns

OptiGun GA03 – robust with the highest transfer efficiency
• Perfect coating results with all types of powder
• Even demanding Metallic and special powders
• Optimal transfer efficiency (100 kV high performance cascade)
• Quick color change design
• Broad range of application accessories
• Simple maintenance procedures
• Wear resistant and ergonomic design
• Suitable for injector and OptiSpray pump technology

Gema GAO3 Powder Coat Guns

Gema Automatic Powder Coat Guns


Rapid Industries

Industrial Conveyors

Rapid Conveyor Systems are the systems of choice for a broad spectrum of manufacturing and material handling operations. They can turn, change levels, adapt and easily be configured without taking up valuable floor space.

• Rapid Flex Enclosed Track
• Rapid Flow QFlex
• Rapid Flow 3×3 Power & Free
• Rapid Flow 4×4 Conveyor System
• Floor Conveyors

Powder Coating Conveyors - GAT Industrial Conveyors

Rapid Conveyors


Conveyor Accessories

Conveyor Lubrication Equipment

The heart of the conveyor lubricating system is the DL5003 microprocessor. This user friendly controller allows precise delivery and control of lubricant to the wear points on your chain conveyor or machine. It has many unique features which give you total control and flexibility for adding lubrication system points as you grow. Our conveyor lubrication equipment comes with a 3-year warranty on Digilube's conveyor microprocessor and 1-year on the rest of the lubricator system.





Powder Coating Equipment
Powder Application

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