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Gema Powder Coat Guns
Gema Manual Powder Coating Guns

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The new generation of OptiFlex Pro manual units impresses with additional application performance due to the outstanding PowerBoost technology. With OptiFlex Pro, you easily process all powder types and coat complex parts in superior quality - all this worldwide and in the most difficult industrial environments.

The First Choice in Manual Powder Coating

The OptiFlex Pro manual units are uncompromisingly and agilely designed for maximum industrial suitability and worldwide use. The intelligent and durable components fit perfectly together and form the powerful package for superior manual powder coating. The ergonomic and intuitive operation enables every user to achieve the best coating results at any time.
Gema Powder Coat Guns

Gema Powder Coat Guns

Gema Automatic Powder Coating Guns

OptiGun GA03 – robust with the highest transfer efficiency
• Perfect coating results with all types of powder
• Even demanding Metallic and special powders
• Optimal transfer efficiency (100 kV high performance cascade)
• Quick color change design
• Broad range of application accessories
• Simple maintenance procedures
• Wear resistant and ergonomic design
• Suitable for injector and OptiSpray pump technology

Gema GAO3 Powder Coat Guns

Gema Automatic Powder Coat Guns


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