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Batch Ovens

6” Thick Heavy-Duty Panels:
Made of 18 ga. galv. steel and 4 lb. density mineral wool, these panels lower operating costs, up to standard and offer better working conditions around the oven.
Exclusive Integral Recirculation: System Allows for mounting C/P on the heater with virtually no field wiring (lowers cost and risk; no need for electrician)
Unique Door Design:
Our vented door design effectively dissipates heat

Unique Pant Leg Duct Design:
Uniform airflow and temperature via dual duct design.

4’ Panels: Wider than competitor panels with 45% fewer seams, which increases efficiency

Expandable Modular Design:
Grows along with your needs

Minimal Field Wiring: (almost zero) Saves you time and money

12 Month Product Warranty: During the first year of ownership GAT will make sure that everything was installed and built correctly
Powder Coating Ovens - G.A.T. Batch Ovens

GAT Powder Coating Oven

End-of-Year Batch Oven Special


Inline Ovens

GAT ovens move higher volumes of air for rapid heat transfer to the product with minimal stratification due to our "Bottom Up" air flow design. The insulating capabilities of extra-heavy No. 18 gauge galvanized steel, combined with our patented air seal design, substantially improves curing efficiencies. All oven components arrive on the job site ready for erection, thus eliminating costly time delays due to field manufacturing of panels, duct work and oven heater assemblies. Cooling tunnels are available for applications that demand quick cooling & curing. Filtered plant or outside air is delivered through a balanced air flow tunnel construction. Oven exit fans exhaust processed air to the outside or back to the plant environment for a modified make-up air design.
Choose from a range of GAT commercial ovens:

• Three Zone Baking
• Combination Dry-off / Cure
• Double Deck Oven
• Side or Bottom Entry Oven
• Roof Mounted Oven
• IR Ovens
• Industrial Curing Ovens
• Combination Convection / Infrared

GAT Ovens


ECO Burn-Off Ovens
has over two hundred years of combined experience in the industry. Together our company is committed to providing innovative, highly engineered, quality, and cost effective burn-off ovens to meet customer’s individual needs. ECO Burn-Off Ovens mission is to always surpass customer’s expectations.

ECO Burn-Off Ovens are designed with automated controls to minimize cycle time, allowing the oven to reach highest efficiency and not emit any harmful toxins into the environment. Organic coatings such as paint, varnish and related products are placed in a load. The chemically decomposing organic material (grease, oil, paint, etc.) begins to burn-off at elevated temperatures in the absence of oxygen.

Heat is released into the burn-off oven; no flame physically contacts any items put in the load. Once the cycle is complete organic material is turned into ash that may be rinsed or shot-blasted and the items are now ready to be put back in production. ECO Burn-Off Ovens are secure, trusted, easily operated, ecologically sound and save customers money.

ECO Burn Off Ovens


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