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General Automatic Transfer

Excellence By Design
  • Privately owned
  • Fenton, Missouri
  • Manufacturing Finishing Systems since 1959
  • UL Panel Shop
  • FM/NFPA Compliant
  • CCAI Corporate Member-Gold level
  • FabTech Exhibitor
General Automatic Transfer

GAT Washers
  • Lifetime Warranty against Rust and Corrosion
  • Polypropylene construction Low coefficient of heat transfer
  • Reduce operational cost by up to 40%
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to less frequent descaling
GAT Washer

Excellence By Design
  • Quick disconnect risers and nozzles
  • Schedule 80 CPVC spray piping Poly constructed riser retention system
  • Stainless steel conveyor shroud
  • Stainless steel housing support frames rated for 100#’s/ft
GAT Washer

Excellence By Design
  • Stainless steel housing upon request
  • External neoprene gasket clad stainless steel support frames Stainless steel tank lids
  • Stainless steel pump mounting plates
  • Butterfly throttling valve
  • Glycerin filled pressure gauges
GAT Washer

Excellence By Design
  • Stainless steel catwalks over tanks prevents dropped parts from accumulating in the tank
  • Catwalks retain heat in tank
  • Catwalks provide a stable maintenance platform
GAT Washer

Quality By Choice
  • Unique ‘No Fall’ tank lid, prevents smashed fingers, and directs harmful chemical vapors and steam from operator’s face
  • Overflow pipe and gutter standard on every tank. Integrated into 2” drain
  • Vertically mounted Gusher pumps
GAT Washers

GAT Washer


Quality By Choice
  • Commonly sized pump HP for less spare part inventory
  • Dual stainless steel filtration screens on each pump
  • Pump pressure can be controlled via butterfly or Variable Frequency Drive

Quality By Choice
  • Stainless steel service door between each stage
  • Ladder for safe entry and exit Non-slip treads
  • Inset and internally drained designed
GAT Washers

Energy Efficient Options

  • Patented high U energy efficient in tank
    heat exchanger
  • Low pressure hot water
GAT Washers GAT Washers

Proprietary Heat Exchanger
  • Serpentine air flow design Up to 2x the surface
    are of burner tube design
  • Measurably lower exhaust temperatures
  • Regulated and engineered exhaust rate
GAT Washers


Hot Water Heater

  • 15-20% more efficient operating costs
  • Low pressure hot water design

  • External design allows you to descale heat exchanger without dumping tank
  • 316 stainless steel construction
GAT Washers GAT Washers


Standard Accessories

  • Clean in Place Cart-descales heat exchanger
  • Bag Filter-removes solids from bath
GAT Washers GAT Washers

Standard Accessories
  • RO generation system
  • Includes water softener
    Active carbon Filter
  • 2500 gal Storage tank
  • Includes fill centrifugal pump, high/low
    flow package, and pipe components

GAT Washers


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