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Slocum Equipment, Inc. has over two decades of experience in providing new and used powder coating systems to companies providing industrial finishing services.

What differentiates SEI from equipment dealers and on-line trading companies is our ability to deliver cutting edge powder coating solutions that focus on quality finish, production efficiencies and financial suitability.

The success of SEI is largely due to our experience in building powder coating systems for a broad range of clients. SEI has an extensive network of industry experts who play a major role in the design, installation and service of these systems.

Whether you are looking to build a Turnkey System for large production runs or building a Batch System to finish varying size parts, SEI has the knowledge and experience of powder coating systems that guarantees that you will get the right equipment at the right price!

Call us at: 888-310-2680 to review your powder coating needs or complete our on-line survey so we can help you find the best powder coating solution to meet your finishing requirements.

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Powder Coating Resources
Powder Coating Resources

3 Stage Powder Coating System Item 690
3 Stage Powder Coating System Item 690  

Part Opening: 43”W x 71"H
3 Stage Dual Tunnel Washer
3” Enclosed Track
Wagner Cymod Booth
Dry Off Oven
Cure Oven (s)

3 Stage Powder Coating System Item 690

Nordson NHC-8 Powder Coating Booth Item 665
Nordson NHC-8 Powder Coating Booth Item 665  

Part Opening: 3'W x 5'H
(3) Collector Modules 
(3) 200LB Hoppers w/sieves
(8) Nordson Versa II Automatic Guns

Nordson NHC-8 Powder Coating Booth Item 665

Fabtech 2021

News Alert: Section 179
and COVID-19

Jan 6, 2021 – The Section 179 deduction for 2021 is $1,050,000 (up from $1,040,000 in 2020). This means U.S. companies can deduct the full price of qualified equipment purchases, up to $1,050,000, with a “total equipment purchase” limit of $2.62 million (up from $2.59 million in 2020). The deduction includes both new and used qualified equipment.

In addition, businesses can take advantage of 100% bonus depreciation on both new and used equipment for the entirety of 2021.

Tax Incentives Section 179

Slocum Equipment in the News:
Boston manufacturer, Affordable Interior Systems (AIS), moves its finishing operation above ground to save space in a new facility.

Slocum Equipment in the News


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